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KurtzPel is a 3rd person, action battle game developed by KOG Studios. KurtzPel in an anime styled game where players can enjoy thrilling 2v2 and PvP battles. Pkayers will embark in an adventure exploring the KurtzPel world, defeating threatening monsters, and conquering quests. 

In this fiction world, during a big the Great Change, legendary heroes were imprisoned in the Tower of God by an evil deity. Also called Ancient KurtzPels, the heroes spend more than 400 years imprisoned, but they transferred their will to their descendants. Therefore, an organization called Chase was created to fight against the oppressive Holy Bellatos Empire. You take on the role on a Chase' member, and you fight the Bellatos Army and stop them from expanding their new religious dogma.

KurtzPel Key Features:

  • Build our waifu: customize your character with unique and enjoyable features. 
  • Something for everyone: If you get bored of the combats, you can still enjoy a rich story content. 
  • Rewarding combat: enjoy action-packed PvP battles and gain rewards for combo chaining and timing. the PvP system is not based on strengthening items or character levels.
  • Karmic customization: Use Karma fragments to unlock new skills, customize weapons, get new cosmetics, and get points with NPCs.