Khan Wars

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Khan Wars is a browser MMORPG developed by XS Software. This strategy game is set in a pre-medieval era. Play Khan Wars and build your own kingdom in a dynamic gameplay. You will choose one of the available 11 nations to start off your kingdom. Each nation has specific characteristics such as: strengths, weakness, and bonuses.

Khan Wars come with a wide choice of nations: Franks, Bulgarians, Arabs, Britains, Germans, Russians, Lithuanians, Goths, Byzantines, Mongolian, and Japanese. Each nation is associated with different various including: gold production, increased capacity of buildings, faster training for units, increased damage against and more.

In addition, all available nations have separate unique units. For example, Tangra Priest has the ability to heal the wounded in battles, and it is the special unit of the Bulgarians. The Russians has a special unit called the Siege Tower and it can destroy a building and has boosting siege skills.