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Combining elements of both mmos and trading card games, HEX: Shards of Fate is a free MMO developed by Cryptozoic Entertainment. Players create their champion and assemble a deck of virtual cards that features quite a few innovations to the genre. Players can engage in both PvE and PvP action with cards that are specific for each gameplay mode.

HEX is set in the fantasy world of Entrath, where life proceeded normally and the various races squabbled for supremacy over one another. Catastrophe struck as a meteor hit the planet and plunged completely through and out the opposite side. Entrath's gravity held the meteor once it had exited and it became a new satellite, called Hex by the inhabitants. This impact caused tremendous devastation and several changes occurred. Foremost was the outer shell of the meteor fractured, leaving shards that became known as Hexing Gems. These gems held strong powers that could let almost anyone extract potent sorcery from them. Magic had been rare but it now became commonplace. The other major change was that the Hexing Gems caused the dead to reawaken, and these undead were sentient beings that had no memory of their former lives and were an entirely new race. The mortal races were horrified by this event and the battle lines were drawn.

Players of this free to play MMO create a champion from either the Ardent (humans, orcs, and elves) or the Underworld (necrotic, dwarves, shin'hare, and vennen). Each champion in HEX has a unique charge power associated with a specific Hexing Gem and players can choose one of eight different classes: cleric, ranger, mage, warlock, rogue, and warrior. Champions increase in power as they advance in the game.