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Heroes Evolved is a unique battle arena game developed by R2Games. It's the first downloadable PC game from this company mainly known for its free to play MMO games for browsers. Heroes Evolved comes with more than 55 unique heroes, multiple maps and PvP battles designed for teams of five players. The two teams are locked in a fight that ends only when the enemy base has been destroyed. Heroes Evolved has a matchmaking system so players don't need to worry about finding team mates. It doesn't take too long to find a team to join.

Heroes of different classes with unique skills and play-style allow users to experience multiple combat roles. Each hero has stats like agility, strength and intelligence. Skills that unlock abilities or give passive effects define hero’s combat style. The RPG character development system allows players to level up, to improve their skills and to obtain gear as they play a Heroes Evolved match. Gold is obtained as reward. A successful team must have heroes with different skills. Damage is important but so is defense and support. At all times players should keep in mind that working together towards the common goal is what brings them to victory. Heroes Evolved players should communicate during the match. The game requires team play but also encourages players to give their best. Nameplates are unique to each player. Actions like multiple kills or other achievements will make the nameplate visible to all other players. Titles and custom backgrounds can be used to personalize a nameplate. Heroes Evolved offers multiple battlegrounds. Strategies change depending on selected map. MOBA specific elements like lanes are present on all maps. Altar of Strife map is divided by a river. Players use three lanes to cross the jungle and advance into enemy territory. This map is perfect for trying out new complex strategies. Valley of War is a good choice for a quick match. On this one lane map heroes are randomly chosen. This simple map is very popular because it allows teams to clash in combat in no time.

Heroes Evolved has 2.5D isometric perspective. Battles are fast paced. Game graphics are a blend of fantasy and anime. Unlike RPG games online that can require a significant amount of hard drive space, Heroes Evolved client has less than 40 MB. Developers call their game a “lightweight MOBA” that can be downloaded and set up in just a few minutes. In game events or promotions take place almost every week. Heroes Evolved caters to novice MOBA players and casual gamers.