Hero Zero

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Hero Zero is a free to play browser MMORPG with cartoonish syle, developed by Playata and published by European Games Group. Wjen starting the game, you have to create a Hero Zero character. You can choose between male and female characters, with a wide choice of facial features: eyes, noes, eyebrows, head and mouth shapes. Player can even customize hair styles and accessories. Hero Zero is quite flexible, and players can change their appearance and character gender any time they wish, except for the name of the character. In addition, Hero Zero has a class system that can be modified with stats that help with many other features: stamina and strength boost damage.

The game presents players with various methods to increase stats. Some of these methods is to do training, wearing suitable equipment such as: masks, belts, capes and boots. In addition, players's characters have acces to many gadgets, boosters and items. The premium currency of Hero Zero is called donuts and coins are in game currency. The currency can be gained by dueling, solving quests, trading and working. Players are required to complete different missions and after level 25, they can start special missions. Players can optimize their characters by using one of the three available Hero Zero boosters. You can use the boosters to ptimize time and energy you deploy in missions Mission boosters reduce time and energy spent on a mission and to gain more points. 

Hero Zero characters can engage in 1 on 1 duels. You can start a duel by challenging other players and spending 20 courage, and the battle will start automatically.  You will enjoy the game if you join a team, or you can create it yourself. If you win a battle or a fight you can get coins, items, honor, trophies.