Goodgame Empire

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Goodgame Empire is a browser MMO game developed by Goodgame Studios. This browser strategy game hit its success in the past years. Players can construct and design their own medieval castle and fight other players using powerful armies. Goodgame Empire is set in a dynamic world with an accessible map, with four kingdoms. Your mission is to use your armies and strategies to conquer, unify and rule the four kingdoms. You should work on building a large bastion and cooperate with numerous allies, in order to defeat enemies and rule the kingdoms.  Goodgame Empire is a great to thoroughly enjoy the multiplayer element of MMORPGs. Players can cooperate with each other, forge alliances, fight alongside each other, and fight against each other.  The huge dynamic map of the game, allows players to explore the four kingdoms, to visit other players in their k realms and even plan strategic attacks against other players. Hence, you can enjoy some quality time on the game with your friends either as allies or as enemies. You can even use spies in order to develop your strategies, to gather information and calculate your attacks.  The game offers some siege tools and ranged and melee fighters. You can also have access to military equipment which you can strategically use during your attacks as well as defense. Moreover, you need to keep a 360 view on your realm, and think about the economic system. Make sure to gather and keep enough money, food, wood and stone in stock.

Goodgame Empire Key Features: 

  • Be part of a huge community: +80 million players worldwide
  • Customer support in your language 
  • Numerous upgrades for more than 60 buildings and units
  • Customization options for decorating castles. 
  • New content: weekly updates and regular in-game events
  • Alliance, pact systems and supportive alliance chat
  • +50 military units and customizable battle items
  • Strategic and epic battle system in four kingdoms