Forge of Empires

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Forge of Empires is a very popular free to play strategy game. When you join the Forge of Empire world, you will have the chance to rule your own empire and put strategies for glorious reins. Start by creating you kingdom from scratch, build you strategies and move to conquer lands near you for the prosperity of your kingdom and people. Beware of enemies, as you’re not the only conqueror who is on the move.

In this online browser you can enjoy your time by building a city with all its historical and unique aspects. You can build a history running on a time line from the Stone Age. As you advance in the game, you explore the world, new technologies and all cultural aspects that come with every era. You can construct unique and modern buildings. Stand out by leaving your mark on the world and establishing a unique metropolis. Take your time to put in place some good strategies and action plans to conquer more lands.

Forge of Empires comes with more interesting features. Players will engage in fights against others.They will support their strategies with armies that consist of numerous military units with massive siege machines and cheap infantry. Also, players will enjoy some PvP action, and engage in some fun combats against friends and other enemies. Don’t forget your strategic mind during combats. The winner is the one who analyzes the terrains and carefully consider the opponents’ weaknesses.