Fiesta Online

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Fiesta Online is a colorfully animated free to play MMORPG published by Gamigo, the same team that brought you other popular MMO titles such as Pirate Galaxy and Heroes in the Sky. Fiesta Online uses typical RPG games experience based progression but does allow for players to distribute their skill points freely, meaning you can improve your character in the aspects you choose to, not what the game decides for you.

Fiesta Online offers players a highly in-depth class system. To start with, players can choose from Fighter, Cleric, Archer, Mage and Trickster, all of which follow typical MMORPG archetype progression paths. Once players reach level 20 they can choose to change classes, to a more advanced class. They can do this again at levels 60 and 100, and if they're able to reach level 100, they get deemed Champions of Teva and are awarded with a unique aura.

Fiesta Online also uses a unique crafting system, under the guise of Production Abilities. Players can choose up to 2 production skills from Potions, Stones, Scrolls, Materials and Material Decomposition. The general idea behind each production skill is that players can find materials and other easily obtainable items, and craft them into much rarer ones. As players can only choose 2, the economy is quite balanced and practically every production skill can provide a decent amount of income.

Players looking for love will be happy to hear that Fiesta Online provides an in-depth and very thorough marriage system. Firstly, a player must purchase a ring and propose. If the proposition is accepted, they then get to invite up to 30 guests to teleport to the Blessed Garden for a full fledged wedding ceremony complete with vows, gifts and flowers.

Fiesta Online includes hundreds of unique quests, ranging from killing a certain number of monsters, to transporting various goods to other towns. Kingdom quests are also available, these quests allow up to 15 players to work together and attempt to defeat notoriously difficult boss monsters.