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Felspire is a fantasy browser RPG developed by 37Games. Felspire is an adventurous game where players choose one of the three available heroes. in the fantasy world of Felspire players/ heroes have to fight the invading a dark malevolent  boss that desires to retake control of the Felspire world. The boss believes that he should empower the world and link it to the underworld. Players dive into the thrilling quest of saving the Felspire world from evil.  They roam the world enjoying the adventure, exploring the lands of Eremos, all while fullfilling their mission of fighting evil and facing off some challenges and threats. 

The game has a very intriging gameplay. The players have one major priority, to build up their Combat Power (CP) through the character's stats, buffs, items and gear. The player's Combat Power is a direct indicator of the level of strength and power. This metric is also used to compare players to each other. Also, the CP stats allow access to more features: such as PvE and PvP, after advancing through quests and numerous events. 
When starting the game, players have to choose one of three classes to start with, and each class can be advanced four times. Once, the player passes al the 15 specifications of classes, they can advance through a passing class-specific quest. Then players can transfer to a more specialized role, once they complete their quests. 

Felspire players can cutomize their characters: appearance, skills, abilities and 100,000 different pieces of gear that exist in Eremos. Players should pick the right skills to to suit PvP or PvE, and they can collect buffs that help with battles.  Moreover, players can enjoy re offers a plethora of dungeons accompanied with and world bosses to challenge them during their quests.