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Emporea: Realms of War and Magic is a free to play MMO wargame developed and published by Pixel Federation. It's a game made for those who are strategy fans looking for competition and player interaction. Emporea has lots of features that enable players to interact in multiple ways. Trading and commerce are a big part of the game so players are allowed to establish economic agreements. However, players should not forget that the game world is in a constant state of war so conflicts can arise at any moment. There are times when players fight to defend their lands and times when warlords set on a conquering campaign to expand their empire. Emporea alliance wars are exciting events.

City building is one of the most notable Emporea features. The game has a fantasy theme and players are required to pick a race before entering the game world. Orcs are strong fighters skilled in the arts of war. Elves have a natural affinity for all things concerning magic. No one looks forward to a battle against the Undeads. Dwarves are craftsmen but also powerful warriors. Emporea races have advantages and disadvantages that ensure balance and equal chances for all players no matter what race they prefer. Before going to war players will have to take care of some economic aspects. Building upgrades and economy are just as important as winning battles. A steady source of income is necessary to support military efforts. New and improved units are not cheap. Spells must be researched as well. Emporea has a RPG feature that allows players to level up and upgrade a hero. There are multiple ways to advance a champion. Some players study magic to become wizards, others train to achieve strength but it's also possible to enjoy the game with a builder hero dedicated to crafting and economy. No matter what path they choose, heroes find and use equipment that boosts their powers. The game has more 90 skills, artifacts and 20 unique spells.