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Lead your people to dominance in Elvenar, the browser MMO developed by InnoGames. Players take on the role of the leader of either the elves or the humans as a new era begins. Gamers will have to use strategy to build a dazzling city that will become even more grand as the player gains in power. Using their city as a base, intrepid gamers will explore the world of Elvenar looking for resources, trading with others, and fighting pitched battles to conquer their foes.

Players have the option to play one of two factions in Elvenar: elves or humans. That choice will have a major impact upon the design of your city and your eventual expansion. Elves live in close harmony with nature and live and breathe magic. Their city buildings are visually pleasing and functional, not to mention the possibility of being alive as is the case with the stone-harvesting golems or plank-producing ents. Humans are a determined race that are filled with ambition. They are heavily focused on engineering and their structures reflect medieval architecture.

As is the case in most strategy browser games, players have multiple building options when creating their city. Examples include workshops, town halls, manufactories, residences, and more. These buildings can be upgraded to provide additional benefits and become more productive and efficient.

The players of Elvenar can venture into the multiplayer map in search of powerful relics that can unleash your production potential. Gamers can trade, explore, and fight. Battles are fought on a 3D battlefield, and combat is turn-based in this online game. Elven units include archers, sword dancers, golems, sorceresses, and ents. Humans take to the field with axe barbarians, crossbowmen, hellhounds, paladins, and priests. In the end, your wisdom as the leader of your people will determine whether you're victorious or defeated.