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Eldarya is an MMO game set in a fantasy world where you can move through a story of romance and fantasy while you’re playing your own hero. The game is in the format of a visual novel, developed by Beemov. The game was initially launched in French and then it expanded to other languages.

In the Eldarya world, Erika, the main character of the game is thinking of her future and next endeavors in life. She spends her time in her favorite escape spot: the forest. The episode starts with Erika wondering in the forest and finding a special area surrounded by mushrooms, when she steps into the circle of mushrooms she gets transported to a room with a magnificent clue crystal in the middle.

The storyline continues through the different episodes of Eldarya, where Erika meets new characters and discovers new adventures.

Eldarya key features:

  • Episode replays
  • customization
  • Mini-games to earn extra points
  • Special events: where players can enjoy activities that are not always available on the game such buying new items.