Echo of Soul

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Echo of Soul is a free massively multiplayer online game developed by Nvius Corporation and published by Aeria Games. It can be found on Aeria's MMORPG list along with other free to play titles. Following its evergrowing popularity among the non English playerbase, Aeria decided to enter a publishing partnership bringing Echo of Soul to Europe and North America. The developing team is highly experienced in creating MMO games, some of the members contributed to well known titles such as Lineage 2.

Echo of Soul gameplay combines classic RPG features with social interaction. The game also provides a good deal of solo content. Exploring the stunning fantasy game world is another favorite activity. Players explore to discover new areas, new challenges or simply to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. All users need to create a playable game avatar. There are multiple customization options to give each character a unique look. Players choose from five different classes. This choice determines character's combat role and specialization. Echo of Soul has a unique system that allows users to modify and personalize their play style. This feature is called the Soul system. Souls are collected after defeating opponents in combat. Echo of Soul gives its users the freedom to collect souls from both solo challenges or multiplayer activities. Echo of Soul PvE content includes tons of quests, dungeons and raids. Completing quests helps players gain XP, equipment, gold and to find out more about the game's background lore. Dungeons and raids are designed for organized groups of players. The combat system is another distinct feature and one of the gameplay elements that make Echo of Soul such a popular game. Combat is fast paced, engaging and extremely tactic. Players fight each other in PvP battlegrounds.

The companion app is one additional Echo of Soul system that permits players to check out what's happening in game even if they are offline. This app also allows players to chat with their guild mates. Like all RPG games online on Aeria portal, Echo of Soul is free to play with microtransactions. Players can use Aeria's secure transaction system to acquire premium currency and spend it for various in game boosts or cosmetic customizations. Free players can access a fair amount of content but dedicated gamers choose to spend some cash and unlock even more activities. Echo of Soul is built on Unreal 3 game engine and it delivers great graphics and visual effects.