Dynasty Warriors Online

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Dynasty Warriors Online is a free-to-play MMO game. The game was developed by Tecmo Koei and published by Aeria Games. Dynasty Warriors Online is a hack and slash game thatwas developedbased on the famous fighting game franchise: Dynasty Warriors. Dynasty Warriors Online players can start the game by choosing one character and one weapon. The player can then start playing with the mission of fighting enemies and defeating them for points. Players can also engage in PvP battle that are very fun and engaging. The PvP battles also offers players the possibility to evolve and improve their characters. Players are free to move in their factions and socializing with other players/characters. Moreover, Dynasty Warriors Online offers many other MMORPG classic features: large-scale PvP, housing and social interaction swith other players.

Dynasty Warriors Online key features:

  • Battle Modes: the game offers some fun battle modes including: 4-on-4 brawls, contrl territoy battles, and big 12-on-12 clashes.
  • Factions: Players can join one of three factions: Wei, Wu, or SHu.
  • Character Ranks: as players advance in the game, their character's rank can advance as well, reaching the ranks of Great General.