DC Universe

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DC Universe Online is a free to play superhero/supervillian MMORPG published by Sony Online Entertainment. The game allows players to create their own unique or villain. Players can explore the DC world streets and places of cities like Gotham City and Metropolis while fighting or starting crime. Players can dive in the DC universe and fight alongside iconic DC characters, notably Superman, Batman, the Joker, and others. The game come with some great graphics, that allows you to fully enjoy the comic books' action and combat.  The game is presented in a world created by comic book legendary artist Jim Lee, and his vision is obvious in the high quality of the game's visuals. Eventhough DC Universe Online is free to play, players who wish can pay membership fees for $9.99 a month.

DC Universe Online offers an engaging gameplay experience, where players control the blows and strikes of their characters. In this entertaining game, you don't have to worry about good and bad, you can join either side. Players can become heroes or villains, and spend their tipe saving or conquering the universe. You can customize your character's costumes. Start playing now, and explore the dark alleys of Gotham City,  Arkham Asylum or Metropolis.