Days of Evil

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In Days of Evil you slip into the role of a sinister scientist from the 28th century who travels back through time to use his knowledge of science not for good, but to gain absolute power. Things went a bit sideways, though, and now you're stranded on a foreign planet where the magic is way ahead of science. You will need to use your combat mech to conquest this unknown world.

Days of Evil is a free-to-play browser MMO game that brings a unique mix of fantasy and sci-fi. The players will need to manage their resource in order to improve and repair their powerful mech and create an army. All that will be needed to be able to gain more resources, explore dungeons, negotiate with other players and fight them in PVP arenas. Add to this an intriguing story and many quests that are waiting for you, and you get an idea what to expect from Days of Evil.

Become a crazy scientist who seeks to replace the God with the help of his powerful mech able to travel in time. You will face the Earth corporation H.A.U.N.T. that is trying to establish a universal peace and you stand it their way. They will follow you to this new and unknown medieval fantasy planet to stop you. Use the SCIENCE to fight them back and become the ruler of this unexplored world!

Days of Evil Features:  

  • 17 different buildings to produce over 100 different raw materials, weapons, and mech components 
  • 26 epic army units composed of legendary creatures like phoenix, dragons, elves, orcs, etc. 
  • Lots of individualisation, upgrade and research functions 
  • Arena battles for competing against other players 
  • Comprehensive tutorial 
  • Exciting story mode & daily quests 
  • Guild feature 

Be ready to be sucked into this great browser game !