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Dauntless is a free to play MMORPG developed and published by Phoenix Labs. This action game was released in beta version in 2018 and the full version will be released on May 2019. Players join Dauntless as Slayers and they fight for their survival in the troubled world of the game. Players' mission is to hunt down  Behemoths the the bosses that are devouring and destrying the land. Players can join other players and team up with them in their quest. On Dauntless, players will go on a journey to master battles, craft and create new weapons and powerful armors. The engaging game is full with challenges in the way of achieving the highest goal and becoming a legendary: Slayer of Ramsgate.

Dauntless key features:

  • 4-Player Co-Op: players will enjoy this action RPG, especially when teaming up with up to four other players.
  • Hunt Behemoths: players will face off the game's bosses that threaten the world; giant Behemoths who possess some unique dangerous abilities.
  • Fluid Combat: players will quickly learn the tactics of the combats, and how to dodge attacks. 
  • Extensive Weapon Crafting: the fallen Behemoths's parts will be useful to improve and craft weapons and armor.
  • Variety of weapons: you can pick any weapon from swords to axes, and switch weapons to master all the exisitng options.