Dark Age of Camelot

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Dark Age of Camelot (DOaC) is a medieval fantasy MMORPG developed by Mythic Entertainment. First released in 2001, DOaC remains one of the longest running MMORPG’s, along with Ultima Online and EverQuest. Taking place after the death of King Arthur, the world of DOaC is torn between three rivaling nations vying for control of the world. Choose from 21 races and 45 classes, unique to each realm, and employ a range of abilities to level to 50 and conquer your neighbors. PvP is a massive battleground where the three nations meet and fight in objective-based combat, for control of keeps and land. The world is full of rich lore, based on Arthurian, Norse, and Celtic mythology, with areas inspired by real world locations. Engage in a player economy, and earn enough gold to purchase your own house, setting up shop to dominate the market with exquisite goods from your travels. Since its release in 2001, Dark Age of Camelot has had seven expansions, offering a huge amount of content to be experienced.

Dark Age of Camelot Key Features:

  • Choose from 21 races and 45 classes, both being unique to the realm you choose with intricate lore and starting zones.
  • Realm versus Realm combat - three-way player versus player battleground with objective based combat.
  • Rich lore based on the aftermath of King Arthur's death in a sprawling medieval fantasy world.
  • Housing lets wealthy players purchase real estate and hire merchants to sell collected loot and gear.
  • Huge amount of content to experience and explore
  • Seven free expansions have greatly expanded the lore and world of DAoC.