Cuisine Royale

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Cuisine Royale is an all-kitchen-warfare MMORPG by the same developers as Enlisted, the squad based MMO shooter. This Battle Royale game was initially released as an April fool’s joke. Cuisine Royale is now released as a stand-alone title. Cuisine Royale challenges players into a thrilling and fierce “Battle Royale” mode. The game combines all the good flavors of the latest gaming trends. Players are armed with nothing but skivvies. They have to look for and gather an arsenal of World War II weaponry. These weapons include: rifles, pistols, and heavy machine guns. In addition, players will enjoy using unusual weapons:  cooking pots, waffle makers, frying pans, colanders, and other kitchen utensils. This makes Cuisine Royale a unique MMORPG that offers players an original and special Battle Royale experience.

Cuisine Royale Key Features:

  • World War II Battle Royale: Roam Normandy fields, and gather some World War II weapons: axes, knives, axes and famous guns such as, Mosin Nagant, the M1 Garand and MP40.
  • Kitchenware can be deadly too! You will have access to numerous kitchen utensils to use as weapons. That’s right! Protect your head with a colander, get a unique breastplate with a wok pot, bash someone’s had with a frying pan or use it as a shield from bullets.
  • Improve your Character! As you advance in the game you will get opportunities to improve your character. Use glasses to enhance eyesight while using weapons, regenerate your health by strapping on an IV, or increase your hit points by chewing on a Cuban cigar.
  • Put on you panties! Wonder what to wear? Just join battles in some stunning fabulous underwear with different colors and patterns, including heart shapes.