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CROSSOUT is a free to play post-apocalypse MMO game. On this action vehicular game, players can craft their unique battle machines using a mixture or a myriad of interchangeable machine parts. Players can ride the machines they constructed and participate with them in combats. Players can engage in PvP battles and face their enemies with their crafted machines. The game offers players various parts to construct many types of vehicles: heavily tracked off-road or combat platforms on anti-grav fields or just a nimble buggie. In CROSSOUT players can also get weapons, armor, chainsaws, power drills, machine guns and flying drones to support their vehicle and arsenal. There is an advanced damage model where you can destroy the vehicle of your enemy and directly affect the machine's performance. You can even have your own workshop where you craft the vehicles and auction them in marketplace within the game. Furthermore, you can trade pieces and parts with other players. Plan and place your strategy in CROSSOUT to ensure your survival.