Conqueror's Blade

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Conqueror’s Blade is a popular MMO game developed by Booming games, after five years of hard work. The game has unique medieval warfare theme and an interesting storyline. Conqueror’s Blade is set in troubled world where people have to fight for their survival during the clashes of civilization of the colliding East and West. In these hard times, the only path o salvation is conquest. Great armies from all corners of the world are now staking the claims for supremacy. Empires will fall and it is time for heroes to rise and alliances to be built.  Conqueror’s Blade has a stunning innovative design that combines actions and tactics. Players will enjoy the smooth and enjoyable action combats. The game gives access to some sophisticated skills with corps control and tactics. In Conqueror’s Blade, you will have access to weapons and armors from different civilizations: European sword knight, Swiss halberdier and more. Moreover, Players will enter a world sandbox with the best gameplay of Conqueror’s Blade. This means that players will be able to conquer vast territory. You can lead troops on frontline as a commander and even engage in some gruesome hand to hand combat.

Conqueror’s Blade focuses on the medieval history, and thrives to provide players with the best and authentic experience of conqueror’s warfare. Use all the available features to forge your legend.