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Chronicles of Elyria is a unique MMORPG by Soulbound Studios. Chronicles of Elyria has the unique feature of a character that ages and dies. This feature makes players attached to the character and thinks beyond the personal gains and rather think about the bigger storyline. The game comes with stunning graphics and turns around the ability of one character to impact other characters.  Fearless in its design, it embraces a character's ability to impact other characters.

In Chronicles of Elyria players will have the opportunity experience a unique quest system, with personalized story arcs that follow a character follow through the world. Players will be masters of their own destiny in this world while triggered by numerous events. Just like real life, players’ actions and choices will define the next 10 years of their character’s life. The character’s actions are mastered through a story system called “Storyfinding.”  Similar to a phone, the system will guide you to the upcoming points of the story, giving you the freedom to make your own choices while enjoying the developers’ story line. Each character has an amazing 10 years story line that can be relived and experienced multiple times. Enjoy aging and dying, while your soul will be reincarnated stronger. In Chronicles of Elyria you will face many challenges hunger, thirst, fatigue, and drowning. You will face some challenging landscapes dangerous heat and frigid cold. You should be a real hero to survive this environment. If you survive the dangerous environment, you can become one of the wealthiest people in the world.

More MMORPG features come with the game: housing, family, ancestors, kinds keeping, towns, resources, laws and more to help you build your kingdom. You can develop your characters skills and abilities: fighting, crafting, and survival. The game has system that rewards failure and improvement. The more challenges you take, the better you will become.

Moreover, in Chronicles of Elyria, you can sign in game contracts that will help you enjoy and create more content. For example: trading contracts, assassination services contracts. So be as creative as you can be and enjoy the journey in this fantasy world.



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