Cabal Online

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Cabal Online is a free to play 3D MMORPG, developed by ESTsoft Corp. Cabal Online offers all the traditional MMORPG elements, starting with PvP and PVE. Players have access to player killing, duals with other players, and a mission war system with two factions. The game has a very interesting storyline of the Cabal people. A long time ago in history, the Cabal tried to change the continent of Nevareth into a utopia using their powers. It didn't go as planned, and they failed because the laws of nature rebelled against them. The apocalypse destroyed powerful Cabal group. Only 8 of the idealistic men survived, including their leader, Faust. The leader Faust, used his powers and saw into the future a rise of an evil that will attack Nevareth again and lay watse to the land. after almost a thousand years, the vision became reality and the evil started rising. Players join the game during this rise and they have to face the evil invaders of Nevareth. 

Players of Cabal Online can choose from the game's authentic six classes: : Blader,  Force Archer, Warrior, Force Shielder, Wizard, or Force Blader. Players can explore the game's intriguing dungeons: Instant dungeons, Weakened dungeons D.X dungeons, and the Chaos Arena. During their quest to figh the evil rising against Nevareth, players can use many available items: weapons, armor,  crafting materials, accessories, and even pets are available.