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Boundless is a unique sandbox MMO game developed by Wonderstruck Games. Boundless is free to play game with some optional in-app purchases. Boundless is set in a universe of connected worlds, where players have missions to complete and create an impact. You can play many roles in the game: builder, trader, hunter, or even explorer. Travel between the worlds and planets of the Boundless universe, by opening.  Live a great adventure and enjoy the sunrise on the volcanic world you will explore with friends. Start small in order to build your empire. Have a humble campfire and enjoy the nomadic life, before getting resources and putting strategies to set your empire. Look for allies and convince citizens to follow your reins in order to expand your land and eventually claim the Viceroy title.

Boundless is a unique fun game that comes with enjoyable features. Start by exploring the world with its inhabitants and resources. You have a Totem that will accompany you through your journey. You can build Warp Conduits to travel fast and safe around worlds. Try to accomplish your mission and use your abilities and materials to conquer lands and protect them. Boundless give you access to countless items that you can gather or craft: weapons, building equipment, tool, and new technologies. Players can even hunt creatures with all sizes and appearances. Moreover, in Boundless, you can collaborate with other players and forge alliances, to conquer, hunt and craft together.