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Bless Online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by Neowiz Games. The game had a very rough start when it was first published; however, the developer didn’t give up and worked on many updates to improve this project. The game has a cinematic storytelling style and stunning realistic graphics. Bless Online has ten available races that players can choose from. The game features PvP, realm vs. realm, and high level missions.

Bless Online is set in a unique and interesting fantasy world. The story is about a big decade-long war between two factions: Hieron nation and the Unión nation. In the game, players will choose the race and class of their character. Players have to choose which faction to side with in this war, in order to save the world that divided by climatic zones. The game comes with enjoyable PvP castle sieges and more activities in order to help the faction to gain more power, in order to advance their faction power. By winning sieges, you will receive new resources and get new quests. Bless Online offers players the opportunity to advance with their character through scenarios and quests .


Finally Bless Online Launches Open beta

In the past years, Bless Online was thrown in whirlwind. The popular Korean MMORPG’s faith kept rolling from Aeria / Gamigo to Neowiz. Finally Neowiz decided to keep the game and launched strategies t Read more