Bleach Online

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Bleach Online is a free anime browser game developed by GoGames.  Bleach Online is set in the fantasy universe of the popular anime Bleach. The characters of Bleach Online wake up after a 1000 recovery sleep, with lost memories. The mission of the game is to try and help characters regain their lost memories. Captain Yamamoto and other characters will help you in your quest. When starting the game, you will get a tutorial that will guide you to use the best techniques. As you advance in the game, you will unlock complex features.

You can use your character to build a team of partners that consists of companions. Your partners or companions have specifications like any other MMORPG characters. You can choose your companions based on their skills, stats, abilities and gear.

There are six categories of gear on Bleach Online: armors, weapons, headbands, cloaks, belts, and shoes. The gear attributes can be improved through a fortifying process. Also, players can determine quality of gears based on the six available color coded tiers.  You can visit the Blacksmith NPC that is located Blue Steam Gate in order to gather and craft material. Players will have the opportunity to get up to 10 partners, with combat teams that consist of 5 partners. Also, a combat team supports 5 partners.

Bleach Online is a turn based game, and the order of attacks is defined by the speed of partners. Partners should fulfill combats role such as: assaulter (dps) and vanguard (tank), and they receive bonuses based on these roles. Moreover, stats can be boosted through Spirit stones – that can purchased or won- such as: Stamina spirit for HP and block spirit for block rate.

Players will enjoy regular PvE and PvP activities. You should prepare for a world boss battle: Evil Spirit. Also, players will enjoy Ryoka Attack, a PvE event where they have to protect the city against bosses. Also, enjoy the available instanced dungeons. Bleach Online is free to play and players can purchase VIP memberships if they want more advanced features.