Blade & Soul

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Blade & Soul is a martial arts fantasy MMO by NCsoft. It is a very unique game with stunning visuals and amazing action gameplay. Blade & Soul was initially released in Korea and then release to the western audience in 2016.  

The game comes with a cool and interesting race and class system. Four races are available for players: Jin that embodies the Black Tortoise, Gon the Dragons’ descendant, Kun the all female race, and Lyn the small furry race that connects with spirits. Moreover, players will have to choose one of the six available classes who have some unique weapons to choose from. The six classes are: a sword-slicing Blade master, a dagger-stabbing Assassin, an elemental-casting Force master, a pet-using Summoner, a Punching Kung Fu Master and an axe-swinging Destroyer.

Blade and Soul comes with with PvE mode. When players start the game, they will choose one race that allows access to only three specific classes maximum. Hence, players should think thoroughly about choosing the right race that will suite their fighting styles.

Blade & Soul offers some exciting martial arts combat styles and features. On this unique RPG game players have access to some features such as: challenging, fighting and counter-attack in the afterlife. Also, you will have access to the air running ability. It is a popular mythical ability of fast travel. By using this advanced feature, you can safely jump on high altitudes and lands.

Blade & Soul is made to please hardcore MMORPG lover with stunning graphics that puts players in an environment similar to an arcade brawler. The graphics of Blade & Soul are well done, that a swinging axe will show air ripples. The artist behind the outstanding graphics is the famous Hyun-Tae Kim. Kim is a famous manga and videogame designer, who is talented in creating fantasy worlds.