Big Farm

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Big Farm is a free to play farming simulation game developed by Goodgame studios. On this browser game, your role is a farm master that Uncle George left you. The farm is in bad shape and your job is to maintain it. As the master of your farm, you have to use your skills, abilities and connections to successfully manage you it. When you join Big Farm, you will be provided with the guidance and help of Tessa. You can start by working on your land and prepare it for planting, building homes for workers. When your harvest of vegetables and plants is ready, you can start selling your products. This advancement will help you expand the farm, get a larger store, more decorative items, and a chicken coop.

On Big Farm, the more you advance in the game, the more activities you can do. You can raise animals, feed them and take care of them. Try to produce food for your animals. Having animals on the farm is very beneficial because it helps you with producing natural fertilizer which is better for plants. As the workload grows, you will have to hire people to assist you on the farm, just make sure to respect the budget with reasonable salaries.

You can further enjoy Big Farm by cooperating with other players, in order to get more advantages in the game. You can even challenge other farmers on strategies, harvests and more.