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Battlerite is a team arena MMO developed by the Swedish game company Stunlock Studios. In this team arena brawler, players will participate in battles in teams of three or two in fun 3v3 or 2v2 battles. The battles are held in a magnificent gladiator style arena. Players’ skills are what matters during the battles, and you will not be distracted by items or NPC elements such as minions. There are no distractions such as items, and players will only focus on properly using their skills during the fast-paced battles.

In order to further enjoy the action-packed battles, choose one champion to lead your battle. Battlerite comes with a wide selection of champions with unique play styles. The champions have many useful skills that can alter the battles to your advantage. The ultimate skill of Battlerite champions is the feature of stopping and changing the battle in an instant. The champions are intriguing and unique. For example you can choose Freya: a bruiser who skillfully jumps with two gigantic hammers forward.

On Battlerite, there are no distracting elements during the fight, only you against your fierce opponents. Enjoy these battles that are short and action-packed, the best fighters one wins.