Aura Kingdom

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Aura Kingdom is fantasy role playing game developed by X-Legend. The game is an anime style, has awesome graphics and set a cool world with breathtaking landscapes and rich characters. It is also known as Fantasy Frontier Online in Taiwan. The world of Aura Kingdom is populated by many characters that come with rich storylines. µPlayers will enjoy exploring this strange and magical fantasy world.

Players can experiment with abilities, spells and talents through the flexible character development system. Players can choose the roles and characters that suit their preferred play style. When playing, you should considering changing your strategy when you’re fighting normal creatures or encountering bosses. Aura Kingdom offers diversified skill system that players can adapt to their opponents. You should not forget to prepare your gear with suitable armor and weapons before starting a battle. Pets are skillful, loyal companions, and can support you in winning your fights.  Pets have unique move and attributes; they can talk, deal with damage, and even do your errands. You will move with high speed and agility through battlefields. Dodge enemy attacks and be strategic in winning your fights.

Aura Kingdom comes with eight available classes. Players have the right to choose only one class. As players advance in the game, and their character gains level 40, they can then get weapons and armors from other classes. This a hybrid system makes Aura Kingdom unique and entertaining RPG, because it doesn’t restrict players to one play style, because it permits gamers to experience multiple play styles with the same character.