Atlantica Online

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Atlantica Online is a free to play turn-based strategy MMORPG. The game is set in a fantasy-themed Earth with real world geography. The world of Atlantica Online has six continents and one legendary floating continent called: Atlantis. Atlantica Online offers players a unique well-written storyline, a very attractive soundtrack. This MMORPG's developers released many updates through the last  7 years.
Atlantica Online is considered to be a strategy MMORPG, and achieved huge success in the last years. The game was renowned for its engaging unique turn-based combat system. Players also appreciate the game's guild control system. It is true that Atlantica Online doesn't offer a wide choice of characters in the beginning of the game; however, as players advance in the game, they will get the chance to choose from more than 20 different Mercenaries. Player can then choose a maximum of 8 Mercenaries out of 20, in order to construct their own team. Moreover, advancing in the game allows players to get higher level characters which will raise the level of f PvP, from town and land battle to to large scale guild battles.