Astro Empires

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Astro Empires is a free to play space strategy game. This MMORTS game offers some of the most original and addictive features of MMORTS games. Astro Empires is set in persistent online universe. Everything in Astro Empires's game continues to evolve even when the player is not online. This browser based game is very attractive and offers a great gameplay experience thanks to its creative animations and high quality 3D images.

The vast world of Astro Empires is inhabited by countless of other players. In the game, players can fight other players, using combat mechanics that are easy to learn with practice. During battles, players can build numerous ship types and they can bring huge fleets. Ships can be improved using the in-depth research building options. Moreover, players can increase their capacity and armaments, as well as technologically advanced ships. 

In addition to battles, players have to gather and manage their resources in order to conquer other factions in the galaxy. The resources' management works in a traditional MMORTS way, with access to some amounts of resources regularly. Players' mission in Astro Empires is to explore the galaxy and to destroy villages and pillaging worlds using their Armada. Making gathering resources a pivotal action of the game. Astro Empires has a massive community of players. Players socialize, share tactics, or just talk on general topics.