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ArcheAge is an MMORPG developed by XL Games and published by Trion Worlds. ArcheAge is a fantasy virtual worlds i that is designed to run exclusively on PC. This unique MMO is categorized as a sandpark game by its developers. Sandpark meaning a new genre that mixes open world, sandbox and theme park features. The enormous world of ArcheAge is consists of three main continents divided by oceans. Players can travel in the world of ArcheAge using any means of exploration the wish to use. Many skills are vailable to explore: swimming, walking, climbing trees, using boats, and even flying using liders. Moreover, players can explore under water by diving. While exproling the world, players have acces to treasures and resources that should be gathered during the journey. They can transport goods and as well, using vehicles or gliders.

One of the most interesting features and designs of ArcheAge is player housing. Players are allowed to place houses anywhere in the world. You cna customize your house with house items, furniture and decorations, and you can even open and close doors and windows. Players can possess to protect their own houses and they have the right to attack homes of other players. Players can have two types of pets in their house: mounts and combat, that can improve and wear gear as well. ArcheAge offers players all the necessary elements to build an exciting virtual home in this vast world. 

Like other MMOs, characters are based on races and skills, with unique traits for each race. ArcheAge offers players the unique feature of not having a fixed class system. Players have access to almost 120 class combinations, where players can be creative with classes. Some classes are: Nuians, Ferre, Elves and Hariharan. Duels can be held in arenas, as open world battle or as castle siege fights. The world of ArcheAge presents the jury system, where players can actually judge the actions of other players and even send them to jail where they can practice many activities.