Angel Love Online

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Angel Love Online is a unique free to play MMORPG set in a fantasy world. Angel Love Online presents players with four realms to fight for and 14 classes to choose from. In the game, players’ mission is to fight Lucifer. To do so, they have to train the Angel: Lyceum to become an Angel Protector. A Long time ago, before the present era of the game, heaven and the human world were one. Everyone lived in peace and harmony, until Lucifer, the archangel fell in love with a girl who was already in love with another angel. The archangel Lucifer was consumed by his love and jealousy and he turned the peace into fighting.  Lucifer separated the two lovers by transforming the girl he loved into dew, and her lover angel into starlight. Players will have access to 40 class skills, countless spells and a vast system. Players will have the chance to create their own play style in this fantasy world. Angel Love Online has a colorful cartoon style graphics, which hooked many players around the world.

Angel Love Online has great scenery with some awesome graphics. Players will fight some dangerous and fierce monsters that exist in the four realms of the game. The four realms are Aurora, Steel, Beast and Shadow. In order to win the fights, players can use many skills accessible through the 40 available class skills. Also, skills can be combined with other elements such as spells to get the full potential of characters. Players can become more powerful by fighting for a Totem, because guild who has ownership of a Totem can monopolize resources of a territory. In addition, players posses various pets such as: horses, lizards, turtles, little pigs and more.