AIKA Online

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AIKA Online is free to play fantasy MMORPG that is similar to pay MMORPGs like Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online. AIKA Online has numerous interesting features including its aspect of the Realm vs Realm battles where it can handle up to 1000 vs.1000 battles. This fantasy MMORPG is the first free to play game with a huge scale of Realm vs Realm system. AIKA Online has amazing graphics and effects and a fun gameplay. In addition, the game has multiple playable classes and a  a unique "Pran" pet system. AIKA Online’s six playable classes are:

  • Fighter (M): They ear metal armors and have high hitpoints. They make great tanks and defense.
  • Dual Gunner (F): They wear leather armor and specialize in mid-range DPS and Damage over Time skills.
  • Warlock (M): They wear cloth armor and  they can deal with damage using spells They have low hitpoints and defense. 
  • Paladin (F): They wear metal and they are good fighters fighters.
  • Rifleman (M): They wear leather armor and specialize in long distance damage. they're an ideal long-range DPS class.
  • Cleric (F): They wear cloth armor and are theyeare helpful to many parties because of their healing and supportive skills.