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Perfect World is a free to play 3D  MMORPG. Perfect World was the first MMO game developed by Perfect World Entertainment, who are now responsible for the development of over 15 browser and client based MMO games. Perfect World is a stunning fantasy and adventure MMO game. It was originally released in China back in 2005 and has since spread to reach over 20 countries and is available in 10 different languages. Perfect World includes 5 unique races, Earthguard, Winged Elves, Humans, Tideborn and Untamed. Each race begins their journey in a race specific starting town, creating 5 different ways to begin your journey in Perfect World. Each race also has a capital city and a race exclusive mount.

Perfect World includes a very extensive class system featuring 10 classes. Each class has the ability to perform at least 2 archetype responsibilities, such as tanking and DPS or heals and crowd control. Each class also has a lot of options in regards to gear and weapons, certain classes can use a minimum of 3 different weapon types, while some can use up to 10. This adds a lot of depth to the character creation system as it means there are multiple ways to use the same class.

Perfect World also uses a great pet system called Genies. Players are able to find Genies that can aid them in battle, or they can be purchased from other players. Genies progress in a different way to players, with the option of selecting which element your Genie will use. There are 5 available elements, all of which have their own strengths and weaknesses. The higher a Genie levels, the more affinity points you can spend into an element. Players can coose to restrict some higher abilities in order to give their Genie the ability to specialize in multiple elements' use. In addition,, you can turn your Genie into a trade state, which means they can no longer be used but you can trade them with others, meaning you can make a living from finding and raising various Genie types.