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9Dragons is an MMORPG set in China's Ming Dynasty with maticulously designed Chineese geography. 9Dragons aims to bring players with an authentic gaming experienc ethrough combining the features of MMORPGs with the skills of ancient martial arts and the chivalry of classic knights.

When you start creating your character, you will first choose a location that is one of the six clans. After you reach level 25 you can choose your class. The game has four basic class types, and each of the six clans has a different name for them. Below is a short description of 9Dragons' classes and differnt names by clans: 

  • Warrior:" Masters of close quarter combat, warriors excel at dealing heavy damage directly to their opponent. Their main stats are Constitution, Dexterity, and Strength."
  • Strategist (Healer): "Healers are the support class of their clan. They possess both healing and buffing spells with which to aid their allies. Their main stats are Essence and Wisdom."
  • Chi Kung Artist (Nuker): "Masters of magic who have most damage potential. Their main stats are Essence and Wisdom. Currently, Chi Kung Artists are the most powerful PvP class."
  • Holist (Hybrid): "Holists are the jack of all trades who can stand toe to toe with their enemies but also have healing and supportive skills. Essence and Constitution are their primary stats."