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5Street is a 3D rhythm and music MMO game that offers a vast world to explore. It has been know as the best pick for girls, but this game is for sure not exclusively for girls. 5Street is a social MMO that combines music and dancing with all the features that make you love MMO games. The game offers a variety of game modes to its players which help you enjoy the game more. 5Street is a free to play game where you can enjoy you creativity and imagination on your own computer.

5Street key features: 

  • Show Off you personality and your moves: you have access to 30-player individually designed when you can show off your personality.
  • You can socialize with new people and live video-chat with them in the dedicated video-chat dance halls.
  • Top music charts are available and you can pick the songs to be included in the game.
  • You will own a house in 5street virtual world: every player has there own house with pets and somtimes uncommon objects.
  • PvP battles called Battle Modes: you can compete 1vs1 or in teams with friends.