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4Story is a diverse fantasy MMORPG where you can showcase your skills in various battles to win regions and castles. 4Story developed by Zemi Interactive Entertainment. 

in 4Story you will play alongside countless other players. In the world of 4Story you will fight huge battles to win important strongholds.  Dive into the wolrd of 4Story and discover the journeys of the game therough time and adventures. You will learn a lot about the land's bakhgroud as you advance in the adventure. Players can fights dangerous monsters, discover dungeons full of secrets and uncover hidden legendary treasure. As you play, the fate of the Iberia universe is in your hands.

4Story key features:

  • Duels: you have access to multiple duels with other players in Iberia to measure your skills
  • PvP battles: you can strategize attacks and attack othe rplayers any time you wish
  • If you win a PvP battle you will receive honour points
  • Daily PvP events: Every guild has the chance to strategically conquer an area and earn points for it. 
  • Castle Conquests: there is also a weekly event to conquest castles. the daily add ups of the PvP battles decides on which player to use the castle as a guild house during the next week.
  • Mission Maps: on these terrains you can actually win more experience points by defeating monsters. If your kingdom finishes the area's mission first, your allies (players) will as well receive experience points. 
  • 3v3 and 7v7 Arenas: You have access to two arenas for battles: 3v3 and 7v7